Why I’m Certain That Market Values Will Increase in Marin & Sonoma County in 2013

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This week North Bay Luxury Real Estate focuses on increasing market values in Marin & Sonoma counties.  The market for luxury homes in the North Bay is definitely on the upswing.

Why I’m Certain Real Estate Values Will Increase in 2013

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Hi, this is Tracy Otsuka with Sotheby’s International Realty. I want to talk to you today about why I am certain that home values in Marin and Sonoma counties will increase in 2013. And I’ve never gone out on a limb like this before, but I’m going to say that absolutely we will see an increase for a number of reasons.

Number one: The home median sold price is up by double digits, three
months in a row at this point. Sonoma County had a 23.8% increase at the
end of 2012. For Marin county, it was a 14.5% increase.

Number two: Inventory has decreased 56% in Sonoma County from this time last year and 62% in Marin County for that same period.

Number three: The average days on the market, is down 42.7% in Sonoma County and 31.9% in Marin County. That’s less than 90 days to sell a home in Marin County and 60 days to sell a home in Sonoma County.

Number four: Inventory. The number of listings coming on the market is down 39% in Marin County and 49% in Sonoma County. There are only 13 new luxury properties listed since the New Year in Sonoma County and only 10 in
Sonoma county.

Number five: Almost all listings are getting multiple offers.

Number six: We have historically low interest rates that continuing to
be low.

Number seven: We have improved unemployment. The unemployment rate for Marin is down to 5.8% and 7.7% in Sonoma County. That as of November of 2012.

Number eight, and finally, foreclosure inventories are way down. The notice of defaults are down 64% and notice of trustees sales are down 48%.

So it’s a good time to buy and a really good time to sell.  I’d love to hear what you think. You can also catch me
on all of the social sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook.  Have a great day, and we’ll chat soon. Bye-bye.

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