Sonoma County Preservation Approved

Sensing the Sonoma County real estate market beginning to improve, now is the time when land, housing, and preservation development is becoming more prominent. With each deal brokered, residents reap more and more benefits due to their specific locations. Whether it was blind luck that they chose to live near Sonoma County, or they did their research ahead of time, people living near the Sonoma County preservation are sure to breathe a sigh of relief now that the three year work plan has been approved.

Sonoma-County-PreservationA large part of the success of this area was the establishment of the District’s Matching Grant Program. This program was especially designed to provide recreational activities to more urban parts of the county. Now that the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District’s “Three Year Work Plan” has passed, this cherished program can continue.

Sonoma County Home owners near the preservation will see continued progress through the $71 million plan, which is to promote protection and land management while being fiscally responsible. Watching over 7,500 acres of landscape can be a daunting task, but with the allotted money the county is confident of success.

While one might typically think of land development as building shopping malls and office spaces, this kind of development is much more appealing to the eye. The District has already succeeded in protecting more than 85,000 acres of Sonoma County from unwelcome development, ensuring land conservation. Residents of the Sonoma County preservation area applaud the efforts since it means less clutter and more open spaces for them to enjoy.

That staggering $71 million doesn’t just go toward keeping prospective building developers away, however. It also allocates a large portion toward continued recreational facilities design and implementation. New recreational facilities and trails are to be placed in Healdsburg, Bennett Valley, Laguna, and the outskirts of Santa Rosa. Over ten percent of the money will be used specifically for these purposes.

Not only is money especially put aside for the residents’ indirect recreational enjoyment, but the plan also incorporates a matching policy to encourage non-profit partners to get involved. The Matching Grant Program is to match funding provided by these partners for the express purpose of enhancing existing recreational locations in the urban areas.

That means that the aspects that residents of the Sonoma County preservation already enjoy will not only continue, but will thrive and grow. As this was a major drawing point originally, the demand for housing will surely now increase exponentially.

To learn more about the District Plan, visit where you can see the plans being put into motion already. Track the expenditures and see how the transparency of the spending is readily viewable to all. With plans to disperse the funding over a three to five year period, the residents will have plenty of time to watch their landscape grow in the positive way that promotes the kind of development they desire. With new trails, facilities, and outdoor events already in the works, plus more funding being matched to add to the existing allowances, the Sonoma County preservation will surely be a place to keep an eye on in the very near future.

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