Why A Pre-Sale Inspection Is A Must?

Any time you’re interested in buying a home, you need to have a home inspection done beforehand. One thing I recommend to all of my clients is that they have an inspection done before they sell their home.

It’s never a bad idea to get your home inspected, even when you don’t plan on selling or moving, just to make to sure that everything is in working order. Keeping your home safe is important. But as far as getting a pre-sale home inspection, here are a few reasons why I always recommend it:

There are no surprises.

You know the potential home buyer will be getting a home inspection, and if anything needs fixing, it could very easily be on you to fix it or the sale may fall through. Finding out from the buyer’s home inspector that something needs to be fixed is not only surprising and, at times, discouraging, but it could potentially make the selling process longer and more stressful. If it’s a major problem, it could even cause the potential home buyer to walk away and find a different house.

You’ll have a clean house.

They say cleanliness is next to godliness. When your home is being shown, the broker can say that it was recently inspected and that the recommended repairs were fixed, leaving the home “move-in ready.” That is a major selling point for many buyers. With no repairs needed, the home is truly  turn-key ready. This also increases the value of the home, making your pre-sale home inspection worth it.

“As Is” sale with teeth will save you money.

Buyers are usually most excited about a property when they write the initial offer on it. (I call this the Honeymoon phase.) But once their offer is accepted, that’s when the buyers’ remorse sets in. (I call this the marriage phase.) If there are no pre-sale inspections, and a Seller sells their home “as is”, the Buyers are agreeing to “as is” without having any idea what the extent of the required repairs are. I say this is listing a property “as is… without teeth.”  If there are pre-sale inspections, the Buyers can actually read and sign off on all these inspections and thereby certify that they are truly taking the property with knowledge of the repairs that are required.  Because the Buyers knew of these issues up front it is much less likely that they will come back and request the Sellers to credit for or repair for these items that were disclosed in the original inspection reports. The Buyers will probably order their own inspections as well, but it’s rare that these additional inspections will unearth much more than what the initial inspections called out. 

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