Why Staging Your Home Is So Important To Get Top Dollar

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How Staging Your Home Will Ensure You Get Top Dollar

Staging is not decorating. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Decorating is about personalizing. Staging is about de-personalizing and neutralizing a space to make it more appealing to a broader audience. In order to make your home appeal to a broader audience you must be able to remove the sentiment you feel towards it and market it like you would any other product. As a product, your home can no longer be a monument to your life, which is why personal items including pictures, art, and religious artifacts should all be removed.

If your home looks like a shrine to you and your family, a buyer will have trouble seeing themselves and their family living there. When a home is neutralized through staging, it makes a buyer feel welcome and comfortable. The home becomes a blank canvas, and they can easily envision themselves fitting in there. When a seller is able to make a buyer feel welcome and comfortable, they have successfully turned their home into a product and can expect top dollar.

Staging also allows for stunning professional photographs, which is where all great real estate marketing begins. It is, after all, what your buyers will see first. Over 90% of buyers initially look at homes they’ve found on the internet. Great photos are what incite buyers to call their agent and request showings.

Think about it: If you were selling your car, wouldn’t you have it washed and detailed first? The same goes for houses. And since the investment in staging is less than a price reduction, and the cost of preparing your home for sale including staging is tax deductible, why wouldn’t you consider it? If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of staging take a look at some before and after photos below.