North Bay Luxury Real Estate – The Importance of Staging

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North Bay Luxury Real Estate - Importance of Staging

Tracy Otsuka is the premier luxury real estate agent for San Francisco’s North Bay area, specializing in Marin and Sonoma Counties.  With a background in interior design, and law, Tracy has the credentials and know-how to work with distinguished clients to sell and find estates in one of the most desirable areas on earth.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here is a transcript:

“Hi there.  This is Tracy Otsuka with Sotheby’s International Realty.  I know that staging is a hassle.  You have to pack up and edit your rooms.  You have to take down personal photos.  You have to move furniture around or heaven forbid, move furniture out.  It takes time.  It costs money.  You don’t want to do it.  Clients ask me all the time, “Do I really need to stage my property?  Is it that important?”  In one word, my answer is a resounding yes.  If you want to get the highest sales price possible, you need to stage your home.  Let me tell you why.

Professional staging enhances a property’s best features.  It increases and defines perceived space.  It neutralizes an environment by making your home appeal to a much broader audience.  It’s perhaps the single most critical step in your marketing plan.  More importantly, staging allows for stunning professional photographs and that’s were all great real estate marketing begins.  These photos are so important because they become central to how your property is presented on the multiple listing service, mailers, postcards, print media, personal property and general websites.  They draw buyers in.  They incite them to request a showing.  They draw agents in and they encourage them to preview a property.

Photos are the most important tool I have to market your home and I can’t get great photos, if your home isn’t stage and doesn’t present well.  Sometimes sellers are offended.  My home is professionally decorated.  It’s beautiful.  Yes, but it’s not staged for sale and those are completely two completely different things.  This is why I always have my homes professionally photographed.  Those photos are the first impression anyone has of your home and first impressions in real estate count.

Buyers are bombarded by so many listings, so much information, so many photos.  They make a decision in a few seconds whether or not they want to learn more about your home and/or request a showing.  I’ve actually had agents call me up angry because they felt that the photos of the house didn’t represent the house well.  In fact, what they told me is, the photos make the home look better than it really did and in those situations I just have to laugh because I’m paid to market a property and I guess I’m doing my job if the property actually looks better in the photos than it does in real life.

Given all this, since the cost of preparing a house for sale including staging is tax deductible, why wouldn’t you consider it?  I always include initial staging consultation fees and photography in my services because good enough isn’t and I can’t do my job well without them.

Let me know what you think.  E-mail me at tracy@tracyotsuka·com.  Thanks so much and talk soon.”


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