Luxury Sonoma County Homes – Perfecting The Image

Luxury Sonoma County homes are not only beautiful, but are practically works of art.  When listing your property, it’s important to provide your potential buyers with pictures that show off its natural wonder. A single picture definitely will not suffice, but many that truly capture the essence of your luxury Sonoma County home will.

april-12-12-full-kitchenThese photos need to be shot in a way only a professional can, which take advantage of important aspects such as lighting and perspective. Photographing luxury properties is a lot different than snapping a picture of anything else. It’s a unique art and must be handled appropriately.

Image is everything, and people searching online through multiple listings will first be grabbed by the pictures they see of your home. That’s why it’s so important to get photography done correctly. It’s truly a necessity to hire the best real estate photographer in your area!

Some agents will use average cameras, or even their smartphones, to take quick photos of your property to post on their listings pages. However, in a fast-moving, online marketplace the pictures that a potential buyer sees will determine within a matter of seconds if they will look more closely at your listing. The quality of a photo can be the single difference in whether you eventually begin the closing process, or you have to keep waiting on a buyer to take interest.

Low quality photography will inaccurately display your home, both inside and out. Dark corners and bright back lighting from windows will have a negative effect in your pictures. Objects incorrectly angled in the background or foreground can provide an off scale point of reference, making the dimensions of a property look smaller than they actually are.

Stock photo of Tuscan house entrywayWhen shooting from inside the home, a real professional will be sure to not only get a great shot of the room itself, but of the view through the window. This blending of interior and exterior helps place the buyer’s imagination in your home. They can see themselves living in your luxury Sonoma County home.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is essential for accurate and flattering depictions of your property. There’s no need for flashes, and several shutter speeds are used for multiple pictures of the same room, allowing for a choice of the best photo possible. A true pro’s camera will do this automatically. Then, using special software, the collected photos will meld together to create one perfect shot.

Since it takes time to best depict your home, you want these shots taken at the optimum time of day. An agent who wants to quickly run through the house, snapping off photos in under an hour, will not get the best visuals to display your home. Get your luxury Sonoma County home depicted under the best conditions by having your photographer work over an extended period of time to take advantage of the best natural lighting shots possible.

If a regular picture is worth a thousand words, imagine just how much professional photographs of your luxury Sonoma County home can be worth!

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